Five Best Tips About Marijuana Weight Loss

Five Best Tips About Marijuana Weight Loss

As marijuana is not a food or a diet pill, one may become confused as to what a marijuana diet actually entails. In fact, there is no specific food plan or exercise routine associated with it which makes it even more rare.

Many users of marijuana often are unaware of the weight loss ingredients automatically used in marijuana that occur on a natural basis. Ironically, a marijuana diet is often used by medical professionals in the treatment and appetite improvement within AIDS patients. Medically prescribed, doctors often require AIDS patients to incorporate marijuana into their daily diet to help boost their appetites. Thus, someone using marijuana on a regular basis for dietary purposes many not have much success in losing weight; however, those diagnosed with severe illness could see marijuana as a blessing.

The AIDS and HIV virus attacks the body’s immune system on multiple levels, requiring a large amount of pills associated with the disease to help the immune system remain somewhat active while the disease remains under constant attack. This large amount of medication often causes severe nausea in patients which usually results in decreased appetite which often spawns severe weight loss and a host of other health issues.

Marijuana Weight Loss

A reasonable level of nausea is to be expected with numerous prescription drugs being used to keep blood flowing and the immune system working as hard is it can while being attacked by this disease. Unfortunately, dramatic weight loss associated with this nausea provides the need for an anecdote to keep AIDS patients’ appetites at healthy levels.

Medical marijuana, no different than normal illegal marijuana, actually serves a vital purpose for increasing the appetite of AIDS patients. Incorporating marijuana into the diet plans of AIDS patients’ daily lives, medical marijuana serves a very specific purpose at a very specific level.

A marijuana diet interacts with the numerous prescription drugs needing to be ingested by AIDS patients without increasing negative side effects associated with so many prescription drugs. Marinol has been created which is a prescription form of THC that was created to give patients of AIDS a prescription alternative to actually smoking marijuana. THC is the common and most active ingredient found in marijuana that provides the active ingredient in increasing appetite and blood circulation.

Research has also shown that medical marijuana in AIDS patients, while providing appetite increases, also provides medical relief from pain associated with the disease. This active ingredient in marijuana relieves the pain and nausea associated with AIDS which provides relief from chronic nausea. Such an idea leads to an AIDS patient being relieved from nausea long enough to be able to eat an actual nutritious meal.You can also combine the treatment with detox drinks, but you should consult your doctor before doing it so.

This concept coincides perfectly with the eating increases often associated with those who smoke marijuana on a recreational basis. Increased appetite ingredients in marijuana work with the brain receptors that allow for your brain to signal a hunger pang to your stomach and mind. As such, AIDS patients increase the amount of food they eat which assists in weight gain while curbing excessive weight loss.