Best drug detox drinks on the market

Best drug detox drinks on the market

In my previous article we discussed how detox drinks for drug test work. What are the ingredients and how they mask toxins without actually detoxing you. In this article I want to review a few drug detox drinks what I have personally tried and passed a few test with them.

Low quality drug detox drinks

There are many low quality detox drinks, what I have not personally tried because, I know they are crap, these drinks will be on the NOT recommended list. Its very easy to spot them by the ingredients, by the instrctions and what they promise. Its also a good idea to check out some detox drinks reviews to have a better idea of how effective they are. Be careful with fake reviews, there are tons of fake or paid reviews, do not fall for them, just use some common sense before you commit yourself to buy.

My favourite drug detox drinks

My favourite detox drinks are Absoute detox, Mega clean, Q carbo 32 and Rescue cleanse from clearchoice. These brands have excellent reputation, i have personally tested all of them and they never let me down. These drinks contains many vitamins as well, so they are not just super useful, but also healthy. I know its not the most important in a drug detox drink, but they actually taste good, some detox drink I have tried tasted like shit and I wanted to vomit imediately.Best drug detox drinks

ABsolute detox drink

Absolute detox is manufactured by the same company who makes Quick Fix synthetic urine, we all know Quick fix, its one of the best (if not the best) synthetic urine on the market. They offer it in a few different flavours like blueberry or pomgrande and there are two versions small and big. Its usually the same for every detox drink. The bigger bottle is for heavier smokers small is for light smokers. I advise you to always go with the bigger bottle , just to be safe.

Qcarbo 32 drug detox drink

This detox drink is recommended by thousands, its one of the best quality what you can get. It has neat design and it contains heaps of vitamins, including B12 to make your color look like normal urine and not diluted. Qcarbo is reasonably priced and its available in many smoke shops or you can order it from amazon or vitamin cottage.

I would not recommend to order it from Amazon though because there are some stories that they sold expired or opened bottles. Just do not risk.

The best drug detox drink: Detoify Mega clean

In my opinion the best detox drink for drug test is Mega Clean, its manufactured by Detoxify. Works exactly the same way as Qcarbo and Absolute detox. Drink the entire bottle of detox liquid, then refill it twice water. Try to urinate as many times as possible. What I like the most in mega clean is if you buy it from testclear they will give you 6 free detox pills.

These are the best detox pills for drug test and they would cost 60$ if you buy them separately. If you go with Mega clean then you should start the treatment one day before the test. Take one pill in every hour for 6 hours. drink as much as you can and do not smoke weed or use any drugs The detox drink comes with detailed instructions so you can follow it easily. Check out this detailed Mega Clean detox review.

In my next article I will write more about detox solutions such as synthetic urine and detox pills.