How The Food Market Is Being Effected By Legalized Weed

How The Food Market Is Being Effected By Legalized Weed

As more and more states approve the sale of marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes, many food manufacturers are taking advantage of the opportunity to build their inventory. This alone is driving the food market to an all time high. Hopefully for advocates and users, marijuana-infused products will soon be available in every convenient, grocery and retail store in the United States in the future.

Current Food Market

In the current food market, consumers can buy a range of products. However, marijuana-based products are limited to areas where marijuana use is protected. Of course, this will change as more and more states approve marijuana for recreational use. As soon as food manufacturers get the approval to utilize marijuana in their products, many will start making new recipes utilizing the substance.

Fortunately, more states are joining the eight states that have already adopted laws to legalize recreational marijuana. Until then, advocates and others will have to sit idly by and wait.


When it comes to selling cannabis-infused food products, companies will need to decide which cannabinoid to utilize. With that said, it has already been proven that most members of the medical community prefer CBD to THC, because it does not have psycohactive effects. However, some companies may choose to a mixture of both cannabinoids, depending on demand.

Currently, there are hundreds of companies that have already taken the step to produce and sell CBD-based products over-the-counter. These products are extremely popular among people with medical conditions that are effectively treated with the cannabinoid. And, the competition is expected to increase drastically in the near future. CBD has many benefits, it has anti inflamatory properties, it can be used for psorisis, pain management (its often used to treat chronic back pain), Cancer, ADHD, Bipolar disorder and many more.

You can read more about CBD and how to use it for pain management on this blog.

Colorado Market

The Colorado market is just one example of the popularity of marijuana. Thousands of people have already started utilizing marijuana-infused products and thousands more are expected to utilize them within the next few years. As more and more manufacturers release edibles infused with marijuana, more consumers will be tempted to put them to the test.

Another state that has shown a major progress in the recreational marijuana market is California. According to Forbes, California consumers spent approximately $180 million worth of foods and drinks infused with marijuana in 2017. And, the good news is that number is expected to grow by another 10 percent.

CBD infused gummy bears

Gummy Bears

Traditional gummy bears are extremely popular among American consumers. These candies are available of flavors, including sweet, tangy and so much more. A lot of people love regular gummy bears. They’re much different when they’re infused with marijuana. They’re going to provide the user with immense benefits. Plus, they’re delicious and that makes them a huge hit for people who love marijuana and candy. Gummies are available in many flavors and it is possible to get an assortment of flavors in a single bag. This makes a single bag a good investment for pretty much anyone and everyone.

If you want to get the most out of marijuana edibles, you’ll definitely want to take full advantage of marijuana gummies.

Five Best Tips About Marijuana Weight Loss

Five Best Tips About Marijuana Weight Loss

As marijuana is not a food or a diet pill, one may become confused as to what a marijuana diet actually entails. In fact, there is no specific food plan or exercise routine associated with it which makes it even more rare.

Many users of marijuana often are unaware of the weight loss ingredients automatically used in marijuana that occur on a natural basis. Ironically, a marijuana diet is often used by medical professionals in the treatment and appetite improvement within AIDS patients. Medically prescribed, doctors often require AIDS patients to incorporate marijuana into their daily diet to help boost their appetites. Thus, someone using marijuana on a regular basis for dietary purposes many not have much success in losing weight; however, those diagnosed with severe illness could see marijuana as a blessing.

The AIDS and HIV virus attacks the body’s immune system on multiple levels, requiring a large amount of pills associated with the disease to help the immune system remain somewhat active while the disease remains under constant attack. This large amount of medication often causes severe nausea in patients which usually results in decreased appetite which often spawns severe weight loss and a host of other health issues.

Marijuana Weight Loss

A reasonable level of nausea is to be expected with numerous prescription drugs being used to keep blood flowing and the immune system working as hard is it can while being attacked by this disease. Unfortunately, dramatic weight loss associated with this nausea provides the need for an anecdote to keep AIDS patients’ appetites at healthy levels.

Medical marijuana, no different than normal illegal marijuana, actually serves a vital purpose for increasing the appetite of AIDS patients. Incorporating marijuana into the diet plans of AIDS patients’ daily lives, medical marijuana serves a very specific purpose at a very specific level.

A marijuana diet interacts with the numerous prescription drugs needing to be ingested by AIDS patients without increasing negative side effects associated with so many prescription drugs. Marinol has been created which is a prescription form of THC that was created to give patients of AIDS a prescription alternative to actually smoking marijuana. THC is the common and most active ingredient found in marijuana that provides the active ingredient in increasing appetite and blood circulation.

Research has also shown that medical marijuana in AIDS patients, while providing appetite increases, also provides medical relief from pain associated with the disease. This active ingredient in marijuana relieves the pain and nausea associated with AIDS which provides relief from chronic nausea. Such an idea leads to an AIDS patient being relieved from nausea long enough to be able to eat an actual nutritious meal.You can also combine the treatment with detox drinks, but you should consult your doctor before doing it so.

This concept coincides perfectly with the eating increases often associated with those who smoke marijuana on a recreational basis. Increased appetite ingredients in marijuana work with the brain receptors that allow for your brain to signal a hunger pang to your stomach and mind. As such, AIDS patients increase the amount of food they eat which assists in weight gain while curbing excessive weight loss.

Marijuana Resolution Speech

Marijuana Resolution Speech

Shortly before last Tuesday’s election, Rep. Peter Buckley of Ashland said that, if Prop 19 passed in California, he would introduce the Oregon Cannabis Revenue Act. I have to assume that this is a more-accurately-named Oregon Cannabis Tax Act or OCTA, as that measure would not actually tax marijuana, but would give the state revenue by selling it. I searched for Buckley’s measure on the web, and found nothing but an article about his plan to introduce it.

legalise marijuana
Assuming that these are the same measure, Representative Buckley should introduce it anyway; we in Oregon should not predicate our actions on the actions of Californians on a very different measure. Prop 19 would have allowed sales only where local governments allow, regulate and tax it.

California didn’t need a patchwork of legal sales and local black markets. OCTA would have the state licensing growers and processors and all adults would be able to buy it locally in state cannabis stores, similar to liquor regulation.

I ran into a couple of older, respectable gentlemen who were sad that Prop 19 and Measure 74 did not pass; I pointed out that Prop 19 had problems, and Measure 74 would only entrench our problematic medical privilege that maintains a black market for those of us who are healthy and makes sick people rich.

They said that we should legalize it completely. I said that they should tell their legislators to pass the Oregon Cannabis Revenue Act, or Tax Act, as the case may be. They said that they didn’t want them to think that they were that concerned. They were afraid of what their public servants would think of them.

People, your public servants should be afraid of you, not the reverse. Paranoia paralyzes. If I can tell this Board, with the Sheriff in the room, that I spend up to $300 per month on black market weed, and not get arrested, then you are in no danger from telling your legislators that they should end the unnecessary evil of pot prohibition and replace it with more reasonable regulations.

There are plenty of reasons that you should do so, regardless of whether you use cannabis. If you want to stop teenagers from becoming pot dealers instead of getting real jobs; if you want to stop theft of pot from gardens; if you want money now spent on weed to go to other goods and services; if you want cops to go after thieves instead of gardeners; you should talk to your legislators. And this Board should pass a resolution to support the renamed Oregon Cannabis Tax Act as the Oregon Cannabis Revenue Act.

Are You Smoking Illegal Cigarettes? and I Don’t Mean the Marijuana Kind


Several states increased taxes on cigarettes during the past year, including Texas, which added a $1 per pack tax onto the already high-priced product. This created an even greater demand for smokers to look for cheaper alternatives to buying their favorite brand of cigarette. Some smokers switched from a premium brand to a discount brand; some smokers quit smoking or cut back on the amount they smoke; some smokers began buying cigarettes online, at discount stores, or smoke shops instead of popping into their neighborhood convenience store on their way to work.

When we owned a convenience store, almost all of our smoking customers questioned why our Marlboro’s or Doral’s were more expensive than the convenience store one block away. Sometimes, certain of our brands were cheaper than our competitor. Most smokers are not aware of the reasons behind different prices of cigarettes in different stores. It may alarm you to find out that you are smoking illegal cigarettes and could be fined and/or go to jail if you are caught. There are various forms of illegal trade in the tobacco business, but the most detrimental is the illegal possession and distribution of “gray market” cigarettes.

marijuana cigarette

Gray market cigarettes are those that are manufactured for sale outside the U.S., are exported, and then re-imported illegally back into the U.S. by third parties for domestic sale without the permission of the trademark owner. Currently, the federal government, Washington D.C. and 49 states have passes laws that consider gray market cigarettes contraband and illegal. In most states, if you are found in possession of gray market cigarettes, you can be fined $1,000 and/or serve one year in jail. In most states, those who get caught with or distribute 20,000 or more gray market cigarettes can get fined $5,000 and/or serve 1-5 years in jail.

This problem is so prevalent in the U.S. that Philip Morris USA, makers of the number one selling cigarette, Marlboro, is supporting new legislation to toughen the penalties for illegal tobacco sales, and to require stricter enforcement of laws with respect to Internet tobacco sales. In a May 10, 2007 position statement posted on the Philip Morris USA web site, they propose certain changes to laws that govern cigarettes sold by Tribal Lands, over the Internet, and through gray markets.

When customers reported to me that they were able to buy a pack of cigarettes for $1.50 less per pack than I was selling them, my first question would be, “Are they legal?” The shocked customer then asked the golden question: How do I tell if a pack of cigarettes is illegal? In almost all the legislation banning gray market cigarettes, there is a provision making it illegal to place the state’s tax stamp on the bottom of a pack of cigarettes if it does not meet the federal labeling laws or if it has a label from the U.S. Department of Treasury showing it was intended for export.

Most of the third parties who re-import illegal gray market cigarettes do not have access to the state tax stamp because they are not licensed tobacco manufacturers or distributors. So, I told my customers: if your pack of cigarettes does not have the Texas State Tax Seal on the bottom, they are illegal unless you bought them on Tribal Lands.

There are also legal reasons for the differences in cigarette prices from store to store. These differences are based on contract deals the store owner makes with the tobacco manufacturer, and those deals are usually based on the volume of tobacco a particular store sells. Most tobacco companies offer brand promotion periods to retailers, allowing the retailer to discount a brand for a certain time period.

They rebate the retailer for the amount of lost profit. For example, I might have to pay $3.50 wholesale to buy a pack of Marlboro’s from Philip Morris. Normally, I would sell that pack to a customer for $3.99. I would make $.49 profit per pack. If Philip Morris wants to promote Marlboro’s, they might ask me to sell the pack at $3.29 even though I still have to pay $3.50 wholesale. I would then only be making $.21 profit per pack. Philip Morris would give me a rebate of $.28 per pack during this promotion so I would not lose profits.

Tobacco companies do this to boost sales volume and to better compete with the discount brands of cigarettes. Not every retailer participates in these deals because the store owner also has to agree with the merchandising terms that the tobacco company demands in the contract.

One term might be that the store owner use 20% of their cigarette shelf space to display a single brand, like Marlboro Lights. Another term might be that you do not use promotional displays from competing brands. Many mom-and-pop small stores (which represent 62% of all convenience stores) cannot meet the requirements of these contracts and therefore, do not qualify to offer discounted cigarettes.

Sometimes, the promotion periods change depending on whom the store uses as their wholesale supplier. That explains why I may have cheaper cigarettes in June and July than the store a block away that has cheaper cigarettes in August and September.

Incidentally, soda companies offer these same kinds of contract deals to retailers, but so far, I don’t know of any illegal Coca-Cola product that would land you in jail. If I hear of something, rest assured, I will report it on Associated Content.

Marijuana Could Contribute to Lung Cancer

One of the arguments for legalizing marijuana, or cannabis, in the United States is that it is virtually harmless when compared to smoking legal cigarettes. Despite the plight of many pot smokers wanting to legalize cannabis in the U.S., there may still be some risk associated with the intake of marijuana. As people fight for their cannabis rights, they may be ignoring serious medical repercussions associated with pot.

Woman showing two lungs in front of chest

According to a recent study conducted in New Zealand, a link between smoking marijuana and lung cancer has been found. Based on the findings, smoking just one joint (marijuana cigarette) is equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes, which is roughly equivalent to one pack of cigarettes, which are known to contribute to the risks of lung cancer.

The European Respiratory Journal reports that the New Zealand findings show that there is a strong link between cannabis and lung cancer. The results show that smoking marijuana, when compared to tobacco, could harm the airways even more dangerously. Cannabis smoke has been found to contain more than two times the amount of carcinogens, namely polyaromatic hydrocarbons, than tobacco smoke.

The increases risk of lung cancer from smoking marijuana may be directly related to the smoking method. Typically, marijuana is smoked from a pipe or a joint (cigarette) without any filtration. Additionally, a joint is smoked almost to the tip of the cigarette, which increases the intake of smoke. A common practice of pot smokers is to not only inhale the smoke, but to do so deeply and to hold it in longer than with tobacco cigarettes which allows for more carcinogenic exposure to the lung tissue.

The study in New Zealand involved 79 lung cancer patients for whom the researches tried to identify the main cancer risks. All participants were subjected to the same questionnaire with questions covering such topics as family history, smoking habits, occupation, alcohol consumption, and cannabis use. During the study, researchers found that for those participants that smoked more than one joint a day for 10 years, their lung cancer risk jumped by 5.7 times when compared to those who did not.

Richard Beasley, team leader at the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand, where the study was held, contends that, “Cannabis use could already be responsible for one in twenty lung cancers diagnosed in New Zealand.”

The results of this study may well in fact be used as yet another way to support keeping marijuana illegal in the U.S. while the opposing side may find the argument weak as tobacco cigarettes and regular alcohol use have also been found to contribute to cancer risks. Despite that battle, the results of this study should be cause for concern for any young person or adolescent who is contemplating “trying” a joint out.


Tan Ee Lyn, “Marijuana Bigger Risk Than Cigarettes”,AOL Health News

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Best drug detox drinks on the market

Best drug detox drinks on the market

In my previous article we discussed how detox drinks for drug test work. What are the ingredients and how they mask toxins without actually detoxing you. In this article I want to review a few drug detox drinks what I have personally tried and passed a few test with them.

Low quality drug detox drinks

There are many low quality detox drinks, what I have not personally tried because, I know they are crap, these drinks will be on the NOT recommended list. Its very easy to spot them by the ingredients, by the instrctions and what they promise. Its also a good idea to check out some detox drinks reviews to have a better idea of how effective they are. Be careful with fake reviews, there are tons of fake or paid reviews, do not fall for them, just use some common sense before you commit yourself to buy.

My favourite drug detox drinks

My favourite detox drinks are Absoute detox, Mega clean, Q carbo 32 and Rescue cleanse from clearchoice. These brands have excellent reputation, i have personally tested all of them and they never let me down. These drinks contains many vitamins as well, so they are not just super useful, but also healthy. I know its not the most important in a drug detox drink, but they actually taste good, some detox drink I have tried tasted like shit and I wanted to vomit imediately.Best drug detox drinks

ABsolute detox drink

Absolute detox is manufactured by the same company who makes Quick Fix synthetic urine, we all know Quick fix, its one of the best (if not the best) synthetic urine on the market. They offer it in a few different flavours like blueberry or pomgrande and there are two versions small and big. Its usually the same for every detox drink. The bigger bottle is for heavier smokers small is for light smokers. I advise you to always go with the bigger bottle , just to be safe.

Qcarbo 32 drug detox drink

This detox drink is recommended by thousands, its one of the best quality what you can get. It has neat design and it contains heaps of vitamins, including B12 to make your color look like normal urine and not diluted. Qcarbo is reasonably priced and its available in many smoke shops or you can order it from amazon or vitamin cottage.

I would not recommend to order it from Amazon though because there are some stories that they sold expired or opened bottles. Just do not risk.

The best drug detox drink: Detoify Mega clean

In my opinion the best detox drink for drug test is Mega Clean, its manufactured by Detoxify. Works exactly the same way as Qcarbo and Absolute detox. Drink the entire bottle of detox liquid, then refill it twice water. Try to urinate as many times as possible. What I like the most in mega clean is if you buy it from testclear they will give you 6 free detox pills.

These are the best detox pills for drug test and they would cost 60$ if you buy them separately. If you go with Mega clean then you should start the treatment one day before the test. Take one pill in every hour for 6 hours. drink as much as you can and do not smoke weed or use any drugs The detox drink comes with detailed instructions so you can follow it easily. Check out this detailed Mega Clean detox review.

In my next article I will write more about detox solutions such as synthetic urine and detox pills.

The most recommended Detox drinks for drug test

Many people nowadays have a crush on weed and decided to get pleasure from the consumption of weed. Even though they use the marijuana for recreational purpose, they disobey the law in their nation and get ever-increasing possibilities for an unfavorable result in the drug test conducted by the law enforcement.  They search for top yet safe Detox drinks for drug test at this time. Once they have decided to successfully get rid of the positive result in the drug test, they have to focus on what kind of drug test they will receive.

A urinalysis is the most important drug test designed to test for the presence of marijuana in urine. The most common drug test is urinalysis. However, other tests performed to check whether a person has consumed marijuana or not are blood test, hair test and salvia based test.


A detox drink is a drink made of high quality ingredients known for toxins removal from the body, reduction of inflammation, improvement of energy level and promotion of weight loss. People who properly consume detox drinks can get the absolute support in riding their body of toxins and bring back their body into healthy balance without negative side effects.

A high quality detox drink has the best stuff to mask THC in urine for up to five hours. This drink is mostly natural and made of vitamins, minerals and cleansers of herbal. If you understand your requirements to hide the consumption of marijuana in the drug test, then you have to be ready to consume the best yet affordable detox drink.   

Leading brands of premium yet affordable detox drinks nowadays give more than expected benefits to everyone. You can read unbiased online reviews of these products in online and make a good decision about how to properly buy the best suitable detox drink within your budget.